Our world class research capabilities make us one of the largest UAS research centres in the UK. From groundbreaking work on flapless UAS control to rainforest monitoring in Ecuador, we have extensive experience with all aspects of automated flying systems.

Novel platform design

The MACE UAV Research group has been responsible for the design of many unique platforms, including the patented Tumbleweed 6 degree-of-freedom vehicle and the Java flapless demonstrator aircraft.

Aerodynamic analysis

As well as the traditional fixed-wing, we also have experts in the aerodynamics of flapping wing aircraft. Additionally, the group was responsible for the first academic determination of the flight envelope of a quadrotor.

Flight control design & implementation

The group has experience with the development and implementation of flight control algorithms for both traditional and novel platforms. We can also design and implement computational payloads for a variety of sensor interpretation tasks.

Cross-discipline UAS operations and research

We work alongside other academic partners to bring UAS expertise to a wide variety of research fields. Geologists, biologists, geographers and atmospheric scientists have all taken advantage of our services and found how UAS can be used to deliver unique data. We can provide anything from advice up to a full aircraft specification, operation and post-processing package.

UAS consulting

We also operate a UAS consulting service for both academic & industrial partners. For more information, please seeĀ Partnerships.